Shaping Vest

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About the Product : 

The design of this product comprises of a 3-way stretch fabric system. It is a sleeveless vest smooths and shapes
upper region of the body. It gives it a sculping effect through the fabric. We garauntee that you will
appreciate the wear and feels.


Product Details : 

Brand New Neoprene Material
80% Neoprene + 20% Nylon or polyester is pefect material for workout excerise.

Provide compression
Provide instant abdominal compression and lumbar support.

•Raising your core body temperature
Heat up your core body area and make you sweat more.

•Burn calories and fat
Maximize the effectiveness of your fat and calories burn during the workout and daily activities.

•Weight loss
Accelerate your weight loss and flatten abdomen.

•Reversible Design
Style and size could be customized.