Which is the Right Skirt for Your Body Type?

One of the most effortlessly feminine outfits that is as timeless as it is convenient is the skirt. Skirts have been around since humans learned to drape fabric, and they’re very much here to stay. What makes skirts so timeless is essentially their in-built versatility and role fluidity. This pretty much means there’s a skirt for every occasion, every kind of climate, and every time of the day.

There’s also, a right kind of skirt for every body type. If you identify your body type correctly, and invest in skirts that flatter it and enhance your best parts, you’re sure to not only look fabulous, but also feel very confident.

Here’s a quick run through of the right kind of skirt for every body type.

#1 Pear Shaped Body: [wide hips, smaller top half]
If you have a pear shaped body, you would want to opt for A-line skirts. Not only do A-line skirts highlight your waist and make it look smaller, the way they flare out over your hips gives the illusion of a shapelier figure. For office-wear, you can go for a monotone skirt in a muted colour. For casual wear, you could experiment with floral or other patterns.

#2 Hourglass Body: [well defined waist, curvaceous]
For women with hourglass bodies, your upper half tends to be the same size as your hips, while your waist tends to be much smaller in comparison. This means, you could rock a pencil skirt any time of the year. While it may appear surprising to many of you, a pencil skirt truly elongates the body and enhances an hourglass figure like no other skirt can. For office-wear, opt for a sober, checked or striped pencil skirt; for casual wear you could try bolder colours and fabrics.

#3 Ruler Body: [shoulders, waist, and hips of the same size]
A ruler shaped body, now commonly referred to as the banana body describes a body type where the shoulders, waist, and hips are more or less the same size. This body tends to be less curvaceous, and more straight. Tight fitted bodycon skirts that hug the hips and thighs tend to flatter the ruler or banana body. Tight fitted, short skirts that end above the knee tend to cinch the waist, while drawing attention to the hips. A lighter coloured skirt paired with a darker top can give the illusion of a curvier body.

#4 Apple Shaped Body: [heavy in the middle, slim upper body]
Women with smaller shoulders and larger bellies and hips have what is known as an apple shaped body. High waisted skirts work well for this body type as they cinch the waits and give it more definition. Women with apple shaped bodies should steer clear from tight fitted pencil skirts, and should instead opt for flowy midis and long skirts crafted out of breathable, lightweight fabrics. For office-wear, opt for a colour blocked midi or long skirt. For casual wear, you could experiment with a variety of different prints and patterns.

It’s time to stock up on flirty, feminine skirts to ring in the new year with extra oomph, confidence, and self-love…

  • Jan 03, 2019
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