The Benefits of Calisthenics

The year we’re bidding farewell to has been witness to the growing trend of fitness enthusiasts slowly but surely moving towards calisthenics as their go-to workout programme.

Calisthenics is essentially an exercise form that uses one’s own body’s resistance to build physical strength and metabolize fat, while also improving flexibility and muscle tone.

One of the main reasons why calisthenics has been picking up is the amazing convenience of the practice. If you decided to start practicing calisthenics, all you’d need is some space to move about in, and a floor that isn’t slippery. This means you can get on with your calisthenics routine pretty much anywhere, even when you’re travelling, without ever needing to go in search of a gym or exercise centre.

In this quick read, we’re going to look at some of the benefits of calisthenics, and why you should definitely consider including this exercise form in your daily workout routine, if you haven’t already.

Increased Stamina: Regular practitioners of calisthenics report feeling a certain amount of lightness and agility in their bodies. Some even go so far as to say they feel a noticeable spring in their feet even as they walk around; something they credit calisthenics for. Many calisthenics practitioners have observed a marked increase in their stamina levels after following a calisthenics routine for just about 3 weeks.

Muscle Building: Because calisthenics involves using one’s own body weight to workout, systematic muscle building is a natural outcome of continued practice. What’s even better is, practitioners claim that muscles built by practicing calisthenics are more enduring and natural-looking than muscles built using weights in the gym.

Flexibility: Most fitness enthusiasts who are into muscle building tend to notice a certain decrease in flexibility as muscle formation increases over a period of time. However, when one builds muscles using calisthenics, not only do the muscles look and feel more natural, but the routine also enhances flexibility while building muscle.

Fat Burning: One of the main goals of making the effort of working out on a regular basis is to maintain a certain body weight, and in many cases, to also reduce body weight. Fat burning is, needless to say, an important reason to exercise. Calisthenics packs all the benefits of a good cardio session, and a comprehensive weight training module, all in one. This means, while you convert some fat into muscle, you also burn up excess fat within no time.

These are of course, just some of the key benefits of practicing a calisthenics module. Other benefits include improved blood circulation, enhanced detoxification leading to better skin quality, a healthy metabolism that works as efficiently as you’d want it to, and a feeling of breezy lightness in your body.

If you’re not already practicing calisthenics, the onset of the new year is as good a time as any to introduce a new fitness regime to your routine. Stay healthy!

  • Jan 03, 2019
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